Cookware and bakeware are types of food preparation containers commonly found in the kitchen.

Cookware comprises cooking vessels, such as saucepans and frying pans, intended for use on a stove or range cooktop.

Bakeware comprises cooking vessels intended for use inside an oven. Some utensils are both cookware and bakeware.____

List of cookware and bakeware
  • Baking pan
  • Beanpot
  • Chip pan
  • Cookie sheet
  • Cooking pot
  • Crepe pan
  • Double boiler
  • Doufeu
  • Dutch oven
  • Frying pan (also called Skillet)
  • Griddle (also called Tawa in Hindi)
  • Karahi
  • Kettle
  • Pressure cooker
  • Ramekin
  • Roasting pan
  • Roasting rack
  • Saucepan
  • Saucier
  • Sauté pan
  • Splayed Sauté pan
  • Soufflé dish
  • Springform pan
  • Stockpot
  • Tajine
  • Tube pan [types include angel food cake pan and Bundt cake (Kugelhopf) pan]
  • Wok
  • Wonder Pot____

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